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Product details

  • ANDREE JARDIN - Dishwashing brush
  • ANDREE JARDIN - Dishwashing brush
  • ANDREE JARDIN - Dishwashing brush

ANDREE JARDIN - Dishwashing brush

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Product details

The Andrée Jardin Natural Dish Brush is simple and effective, but also very pretty! Made of beech wood and agave plant fibers, it is ideal for removing stubborn dirt from dishes without scratching. It is the plastic-free and zero waste alternative to plastic dish brushes.


Very efficient and practical: it has a hanging hook that allows you to dry it after each use, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and preserve its effectiveness. The head is removable and replaceable! The non-abrasive bristles clean glasses, plates, pans and dishes without damaging or scratching them.


- Raw beech wood frame
- Vegetable fibers of tampico
- Made in Europe


19 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm
Weight : 50 g


Directions for use : put a little washing-up liquid bought in bulk or homemade on the bristles, moisten and scrub your dishes. Put your dish brush under water, rub it on a solid soap and clean your dishes.


Maintenance tips: for long term use, do not leave your brush in water. After use, let it dry in the open air. Be careful not to put in the dishwasher.

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