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Product details

  • ANDREE JARDIN - Face brush - Beech
  • ANDREE JARDIN - Face brush - Beech

ANDREE JARDIN - Face brush - Beech

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Reference : ANDRW9I2TK
Category : Wellness

Product details

Face brush - Beech
No need for a battery or charger with our Andrée Jardin Face Brush. This small brush cleans effectively and deeply, and tones the skin. Its bristles stimulate and re-energize your skin.


It is ideal for use with a cold-saponified solid soap to unclog pores, clean the skin and stimulate blood circulation.


Available in 2 types of wood from French sustainably managed forests:


Beech wood nourished with beeswax
Sensitive skin: brushing the skin of the face may not be suitable for the most delicate skin.


Drain well after use. Prolonged contact with water may alter its appearance. Dry bristles down!


Use the wet brush with a cleansing lotion to remove makeup and dead skin cells. Use gentle, circular motions for best results and avoid the eye and mouth area.

- Wood of beech or ash thermo heated of French forests managed durably
- Natural fibers of blond horsehair
- Made in France


Dimensions :
- 12 cm x 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm
- 80 g

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