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Product details

  • MANINE Montessori Floor Bed
  • MANINE Montessori Floor Bed
  • MANINE Montessori Floor Bed

MANINE Montessori Floor Bed

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Reference : MANI61OWX3
Category : Kids
Brand : Manine Montessori

Product details

Floor bed
With a Montessori Floor Bed your child can be safe, but free to explore the environment.

The openings in the bedframe allow the child to crawl in and out of bed freely, while the higher sides prevent it from rolling out of bed when sleeping. One side has a smaller opening, the other a larger one, so you can adapt to your child's age. Depending on the thickness of the mattress, the sides will be a few centimeter higher than the mattress. 

Fit for a 60 x 120 cm cot mattress.  The high parts of the sides are 16 cm above the slats, the low parts 10 cm.

The slatted frame and open sides allow air circulation under the mattress. 

Our furniture is designed to empower your child and stimulates independence.
The wood we use is sustainably grown and harvested.
It's pure solid spruce wood, no plywood or veneer.
The wood has not been treated with varnishes or paints, so no unnecessary volatile chemicals, you can keep your nursery safe and pure.

Made in Europe from European FSC wood. 

Comes flat packed, needs to be assembled. All screws included.

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