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  • POLOCHON & CIE - Nomadic Lamp Set Orphie - Yellow
  • POLOCHON & CIE - Nomadic Lamp Set Orphie - Yellow
  • POLOCHON & CIE - Nomadic Lamp Set Orphie - Yellow
  • POLOCHON & CIE - Nomadic Lamp Set Orphie - Yellow

POLOCHON & CIE - Nomadic Lamp Set Orphie - Yellow

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Reference : POLOOW64F6
Category : Kids
Brand : Polochon & Cie

Product details

Nomadic Lamp Set Sea Orphie - Yellow - Polochon & Cie


Escape guaranteed with Orphie, school of fish for a small fishing party that will make you travel without moving. This model fits both inside and outside your home and brings a real marine parenthesis under the sun and the sea spray ...


Easy to use, rechargeable, it turns itself off after one hour and weighs only 250g! It is a good idea for an eco-responsible gift, Made in France.


The box contains the Passe-partout Lamp, the base in heart of beech to make a bedside lamp and the hook to transform it into a wall lamp where you want!



With its pretty handle in heart of beech, this unique lamp is recharged very easily with the USB cable provided, its 2 powers of lights allow to create cocooning atmospheres but also to light up to read, get up at night or illuminate an entrance, the table of the living room or to light up to walk in the garden... a real walker!


100% Nomadic, it can even come on vacation with you and be used in the car without dazzling the driver or the little one sleeping...


A 5 in 1 design lamp : at the same time Torch, Reading light, Wall lamp, Night light or Bedside lamp.


- 2 powers of light just by turning the handle


- Rechargeable with its micro USB cable


- Blue light <20


- Autonomy >60h in power 1 and 5h in power 2


- Timer for automatic switch off after one hour


The mobile lamp that protects the eyes of your children!


Its " diffuser-protector dome " avoids direct contact of the eye with the light source, thus limiting the risk of glare. Equipped with 4 yellow LEDs (25,000 hours lifetime) with low blue light density (-20%). This lamp provides enough light to read or move around at night without dazzling. A stand-alone lamp and Passe-Partout that can be used in total autonomy thanks to its rechargeable battery with a duration of 60 hours in night light power and over 5 hours in reading power. Only one hand is needed to turn the wooden handle on the two notches of different powers of lights. After one hour, the light will gradually dim until it turns off by itself to save battery power,


Little tip: To turn it into a night light and keep it on all night, just put it on charge!

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