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  • SWEET HOME FROM WOOD - Kitchen Tower - White
  • SWEET HOME FROM WOOD - Kitchen Tower - White
  • SWEET HOME FROM WOOD - Kitchen Tower - White

SWEET HOME FROM WOOD - Kitchen Tower - White

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Reference : SWEEBMOLN0
Category : Kids
Brand : SweetHomeFromWood

Product details

Learning Tower - Lacquered - SWEET HOME FROM WOOD


Give your little one a boost in the kitchen or bathroom with this Montessori Helper Tower walking stool.  As the perfect stool for kids, this helper tower is a great way to give your kids access to things that are out of their reach.  It's also the perfect Montessori furniture to expand their learning horizons.


If you have a child who loves learning to cook, this walking stool is the perfect recipe for fun in the kitchen!  Give this helper stool to the budding little chef in your life as a kid's kitchen gift that will be treasured for years to come!




3 levels of platform height
Used for years - for children ages 1 to 6 approximately
Improves problem solving skills
Encourages free play
Builds self-confidence
Teaches practical skills: cooking, cleaning, hand washing, brushing teeth.
Promotes accessibility, independence and freedom of movement
Develops fine and gross motor skills - washing, sorting, stirring, cutting ingredients or kneading dough.


Quality time together - time spent cooking dinner or washing dishes can be turned into quality time with your child.
Safety - don't waste time worrying about your child falling.
Perfect for a Montessori or Waldorf home.




Height: 35.43 inches/ 90 cm
Width: 15.75 inches/40 cm

Depth: 17.32 inches/44 cm

Weight 6-7 kg/ 13.23-15.43lb depending on the model you choose.
Load capacity of 45 kg/ 99lb
The kitchen stool is made of 1.5 cm/ 0.59 inch plywood.
The step level of the kitchen tower is 22.5 cm/ 8.86 inches and can be adjusted by +/- 5cm/ 1.97 inches.
The top step of the stool is 45 cm/ 17,72 inches and can be modified by +/- 5cm/ 1,97 inches.

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