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  • WOMOON - Spray for rituals - Full Moon
  • WOMOON - Spray for rituals - Full Moon
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WOMOON - Spray for rituals - Full Moon

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Reference : WOMO09M31G
Category : Wellness
Brand : Womoon

Product details

WOMOON - Purifying spray for rituals

The Moon Ritual spray with lavender, clary sage and bergamot was created in collaboration with Laure from Atelier Oracle using 100% natural products. To diffuse a soft atmosphere, filled with beautiful vibrations and magic, ideal during your moon rituals or meditations!


The benefits of the Moon Ritual spray


The essential oil of lavender will bring a fresh, soothing and relaxing scent. It is the perfect ingredient to create a soothing atmosphere before your ritual.


Clary Sage, beyond purifying your space, also helps you fight against stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. It will bring comfort to your mind.


The essential oil of bergamot finally is very effective to clean the air. Allied in synergy with lavender and clary sage, it is the perfect mixture for a deliciously effective spray.


Features :


We recommend shaking your "Ritual" spray before use. This will allow the essential oils to mix well with the rest of the ingredients.


- Handmade in the Vosges
- 100% natural, non-toxic, non-chemical relaxation spray
- Ingredients: essential oils (lavender, clary sage, bergamot), alcohol, distilled water
- Vegan
- Not tested on animals
- 100 ml

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